Friday, December 7, 2012


Often during a large-scale construction project, communication, coordination, and control can be your biggest challenges. As your single point of contact, we integrate and manage all aspects of the project and ensure we implement proven solutions that minimize those challenges. With our field-experienced engineers, technicians, coordinators, supervisors, project managers, and administrators we cover all phases of construction from basebuild through equipment pre-qualification. We also have the capability and flexibility to supply single individuals or entire teams of experts.

With our “total-integration” philosophy, you maintain complete control and visibility into your project, getting the results you want, done safely, on time, and within budget. That’s why we’re called: “The experts people count on.”

AMTS Integrated Construction Management solutions span multiple markets, such as Semiconductor, Life Sciences, Solar Manufacturing and Technology and Research.
Our comprehensive management of your project activities include the following services:


Programming Support & Coordination
Project programming, design review, and constructability reviews as well as feasibility studies
Scenario Planning
Constructability Review
Value Engineering
Scenario Estimating
Design CPM Schedule
leak testing


Contractor Qualification/Evaluation/Selection
Preconstruction, kick-off meetings, subcontractor review & qualification


Total construction quality management scope ownership
Design and SDC Management, RFI control
Contractor/Vendor Coordination
Daily construction planning & status meetings
Daily tactical/coordination meetings
Daily work progress, task and issue logs
Project Management and coordination
Total Quality Management/Construction Quality Management
Safety, EHS, and IH/EHS management and coordination
Job hazard analyses, Safe work plans
Complete punch-list and close-out documents

Project Controls:

Project Management Software Solutions
Contract Management (CO Mgmt)
Document Management and Control (Administration)
CPM Scheduling
Cost Forecasting and Reporting
Cost Accounting Management
building information modeling
Change Order Review

Learn more about our experience by reading our Integrated Construction Management Case Studies.


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